Wednesday, 5 August 2015


"I'm scared."
"Really, what's the worst that can happen?" 
"I'm not entirely sure."
"Do you fear death?"
"I don't believe I do."
"Do you fear being alive?"
"I'm not sure what you mean by that."
"Do you live in constant anticipation of something unknown occurring that is unpleasant?"
"I think so."
"What's the worst that can happen to you?"
"I could lose my family, friends, everything.."
"That's not an answer. What's the worst that could happen to you personally?"
"I could die."
"Are you afraid of death?"
"Not really. If it happens, it happens."
"Then what are you scared of?"
"Injury, I suppose."
"So you're scared of feeling pain?"
"Well now that you put it like that, I don't think I'm 'scared' of pain. I wouldn't enjoy it but I'm not exactly scared."
"Then what are you scared of?"
"I'm not sure actually."
"If you can't identify what you're scared of, is it worth being scared about?"
"Its the mysterious things that are the most terrifying."
"Where do mysteries lie?"
"I don't quite understand what you mean."
"Where do mysteries 'exist'?"
"In our minds, as unanswered questions."
"So you're afraid of unanswered questions?"
"I think so."
"Do these unanswered questions have an answer?"
"I believe there's an answer to everything."
"Do you know the answers to the unanswered questions?"
"I don't believe I do."
"Then accept the questions as they are- unanswered- and you will have nothing left to be scared of."
"I'm still scared."
"Of what?"
"I'm not entirely sure."
"Well, what's the worst that can happen?"

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